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Here you can learn more about Decentralized Eco-friendly Blockchain Technology (D.E.B.T. Box) Commodity projects.

Such as: crude oil, natural gas, aluminum, gold, agriculture, real estate, more coming in 2023.

The D.E.B.T. Box is a revolutionary Decentralized Eco-friendly Blockchain Technology network autonomous software node operators who, together, create a blockchain ecosystem.

D.E.B.T. Box digital currency projects are supported by real-world commodities linked through the blockchain to add stability to its ecosystem with tangible physical commodity production, such as agriculture, bauxite (aluminum),  crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver, real estate and royalty cash flow projects to name a few with more projects to be announced throughout 2023.

The D.E.B.T. Box ecosystem benefits from physical production of these commodities by supporting real-world projects that generate ongoing revenues through the production and sale of these commodities. These real-world commodity production projects benefit from the D.E.B.T. Box ecosystem through professional help from industry staff members, the ecosystem's permissioned administrator, project support through proprietary technologies, and operational assistance; creating thousands of jobs in several countries. Everyone wins!

What this is not:
You are not buying or trading cryptocurrency coins/tokens.

What this is:
You are mining cryptocurrency tokens; in other words, the licenses you purchase are mining/creating 'the tokens' with each license that you own or rent. All the tokens you mine are yours and as the value increases you receive that added upside potential.

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Oil and Natural Gas mining location in Nebraska

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underatand what these projects are about (mining)

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learn about the current disruptive blockchain projects in-depth

D.E.B.T. Box Projects

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DEBT - The DEBT token is the central support and utility token for the DEBT Box ecosystem which has a growing list of token projects. Each project will have a swap pairing with the DEBT token.
*Sold out!

BGLD - Oil backed token partnered with US based and foreign oil wells.
*Sold out!

NATG - Natural gas backed token partnered with companies that are drilling in Nevada and Ghana
*Sold out - Limited rentals available!

XPLR - Satellite backed token partnered with Space X and Google to launch satellites.

ALUM - Aluminum backed token partnered with one of the largest bauxite mines in the world.

DGLD - Gold backed token that can be exchanged for gold straight from the partnered mines.

GROW - Hemp and produce backed token partnered with large agricultural companies in the US.
*Almost sold out!


- The BLOX Project is an innovative way to be a part of the real estate industry through token rewards. Our strategic partnerships offer D.E.B.T. the ability to earn royalties generated by real estate transaction fees. These royalties shall be used to purchase BLOX tokens out of the BLOX Project ecosystem (i.e. burn) supporting the economic theory of supply and demand. D.E.B.T. will continue to use its unique position to source additional royalty streams with the goal of increasing the size of token burns, further supporting the BLOX Project ecosystem. In addition to the burn of royalties, the tokenomics include multiple ways to reduce the tokens in the ecosystem.
*Current price: $2,000
*Project video: https://youtu.be/eJPIHrvVOfE

- The BEV Project is a revolutionary way to be a part of the recession proof global beverage industry through token rewards. Our strategic partnerships and unique negotiating abilities offer D.E.B.T. the ability to earn royalties from the manufacturing and distribution of several beverage products to multiple retailers. These royalties shall be used to purchase BEV tokens out of the BEV Project ecosystem (i.e. burn) supporting the economic theory of supply and demand. Every year, over 1.23 billion beverages are purchased worldwide, making it one of the largest global industries, and it’s only expected to grow! D.E.B.T. is revolutionizing the $1.8 trillion beverage industry by bringing it into the world of crypto.
*Current price: $2,000
*Project video: https://youtu.be/ZM-kN8d7KrQ

Purchase - Varies per project
Rentals - $250 each

*Prices do gradually increase as project licenses are sold. Ask to confirm the current prices.

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